The Church maintains long term links with a number of overseas mission families and organisations.

Individuals within the church are active in full time and volunteer roles with various evangelical Christian mission groups.

In recent years the Church has supported members in short term projects with Good Books for Asia, Friends International and IFES

BeaconThe Beacon Community Trust is a Christian charity, founded in April 2008. It exists to promote youth and community work in and around Linton, Cambridgeshire, as a means of serving the local community. At the present time, the focus is very much on developing youth work - but they hope to expand the ministry of the Trust over the coming few years.

Screen 2014-01-12AW00074Through Faith Missions is a UK based charity commited to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ shared across the UK.  They also serve abroad in Kenya, where they have worked for a number of years with the Maasai and in Uganda. Coming up in 2014, the Two Rivers Mission to the Colne and Stour is a joint initiative of the churches in the valleys of the rivers Colne and Stour in Essex and Suffolk reaching out to their communities with the good news of Jesus. 

CMJCMJ is short for 'The Church's Ministry among Jewish people', a ministry that has been investing in the spiritual rebirth of the Jewish people since 1809. CMJ's mission is to encourage Jewish people to come to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah, to support them in serving him as Lord in the light of God's purpose for them, and to equip the church to be involved in this mission.

HSIHaverhill Schools Initiative, through paid workers an volunteers aims to work with young people in the local secondary schools and in the community. They work with schools to provide a Christian perspective within RE, assemblies and conference days, they also run regular groups in many of the schools providing a relevant and lively space for young people to explore aspects of faith in a relevant way.

Reach Community ProjectREACH Community Projects was officially launched in January 2010 by Euro MP Richard Howitt and is the umbrella organisation for community projects aimed at relieving the effects of poverty in and around the Haverhill area. REACH is administered by River of Life Community Church and is an acronym meaning Restore, Encourage, Action in the Community, bringing Hope.

AssamAblaWe also have long term links with Issam & Abla Khoury, working with Arab communities in Middle East and Canada, helping and training them to share Christ with their people and equipping Arab and Canadian believers in discipleship