Mission and Vision


"To know God and make Him known"

Linton Free Church is a member of the United Reformed Church. We have a long standing evangelical tradition with a strong emphasis on worship. The fellowship has a good mix of ages and provides a wide range of cross generational activities throughout the week.
Our aim is to be built into a healthy body of believers who are growing in their discipleship of Jesus Christ. We understand that all people are at different places on the faith journey and welcome all. Those who are simply seeking to discover more about the Christian faith are as welcome as those well established in their faith.


The church maintains long term links with a number of UK and overseas mission families and organisations.  To find out more about this important area of our church life visit our Missions page.


In December 2000 we held a day of prayer and fasting in order to re-commit ourselves to the Lord.  At that time we made a covenant inspired by one which the church had made in 1729. Since then this covenant has been a foundation and reference point for us

We all stand as 'Living Stones' before the Lord and humbly promise to submit ourselves first to our Lord Jesus Christ and then to one another according to God's will in a new Church Covenant.

We promise to dedicate ourselves to His service, trusting Him to build us into a spiritual body, made holy and pleasing to Him through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, head of the Church, who saved us and gives us new life.

We promise that as He is our God, we will be His people, through good times and bad, accepting His promise to give us hope and a future as we seek Him with all our hearts.

We recognise that we can do nothing by our own strength and ability, but are totally dependent on the grace and gifts of God.

We therefore promise to seek the empowering and gifts of the Holy Spirit in order to fulfil His commission to preach Good News to the poor, proclaim freedom to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind and release for the oppressed.

To the glory of God. Amen
Come Lord Jesus!