Easter Services 2019 


There is a lot happening over Easter, and something for everyone. See the details of our Easter events below:

  • Passover Meal - 15th April - We're hosting a Passover Meal on Monday 15th April at 7pm. If you have been before come again. If you have never been, sign up and give it a try.  The evening comprises a meal during which Alex Jacobs, from CMJ, guides us through the Exodus story and explains the rich significance of the Jewish Passover event.Please invite your friends, neighbours and colleagues. It is a family-friendly event and suitable for KS2 children and older.  It is an enjoyable, educational and social evening with food and drink provided. If you would like to come please let Jean or Richard Silk know: richardsilk@btinternet.com; 01223290588; 07761587366.
  • Tue, Wed, & Thurs 16-18th April - Easter Reflections - come along to reflect on the message of Easter at Linton Free Church, 7:30-8:30pm.
  • Good Friday Service 19th April - at Linton Free Church, 10:30am
  • Easter Morning Early Service 21st April - meet at the BT Exchange on Back Road at 7:30am, for 7:45 start up Rivey Hill. This is a short ecumenical service that will be followed by bacon butties in Linton Free Church Hall.
  • Easter Morning Cafe Celebration 21st April - at Linton Free Church, 10:30am 

Al Wood, 08/04/2019

 Church Life 
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