Emma jumps out a plane and raises £6739 for charity!

This morning at our Cafe Church service we heard a quick update from Emma about how she had raised a grand total of £6739 for charity. We are very proud of what she has done and wanted to share her story, so here it is!

If you want to support Emma in what she has done, you can click here to donate via a special web page.


"I only have a minor impairment but know how hard it can be at times living with sight and hearing difficulties. I also know people with a lot worse problems than me – including people at Church – and wanted to raise as much money as possible to support a charity that worked with that sort of thing. Sense helps deafblind people overcome some of the challenges they face on a daily basis.


Doing a sky-dive was my first choice because of my phobia of heights. The first thing to thank the Church for is their amazing generosity. They were the most forthcoming when it came to donations and also the first to donate. I was over a £100 from simply asking the church.

The second thing to thank the church for was all their prayers. I know everyone was praying especially on the day and I can put down to that the fact I was surprisingly calm on the plane going up. During free-fall I actually managed to enjoy it and once again I thank God for that because there is no way I could have pushed the fear away by myself. It also made it even more worth it – that and the £6739 raised in sponsorship – that I managed to enjoy some of it. I would never in a million years do it again but I am absolutely thrilled I went through with it.


The final thing that I put down to God’s blessing is that when we landed I landed badly. I had thrown up on myself in the air and was distracted and could not focus on my landing. I landed on my knees with the instructor part on top of me. However nothing was injured and I was fine. There are even pictures of with a big smile despite being covered in sick. The power of prayer. Only that could take me from hyperventilating to laughing."

If you want to support Emma in what she has done, you can click here to donate via a special web page.
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